Monday, February 13, 2012

Scintillating Singapore

'Wow' is just a small word to describe this 'Little Red Dot' on the world map, yet 'Wow' would surely be your first reaction once you are out of the airport towards the city. Spectacular in its landscape, organized in its approach towards development and remarkable in maintaining its splendor, this little country surely attracts tourists, year after year like no other! Don't gauge it by its size. It has a remarkable presence, significant history, rich culture and tremendous tourism potential to make a strong impression. It is now the most preferred and favorite tourist destination in South East Asia.

There are innumerable ways to begin your itinerary in Singapore. For people who like to begin with the history of a country or place, Singapore surely has immense information to offer. You can visit the National Museum for its rich historical background. Apart from that there are more than fifteen museums and heritage institutions that can drench you with their impressive collection of information and priceless artifacts and objects of the past.

Food is surely the 'THE' thing on our minds when we travel to a new place. And Singapore definitely knows how to cater to your taste buds. Due to its multicultural background, there has been a significant past of its food too. You can find world cuisines here but do not hesitae sampling its local food - typically the Chilly crab or the Malay Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak or Fried Carrot Cake or simply some curry (licious) Indian food. Check out the various food courts like Kopitiam, Food Republic, Koufu etc. The best part of eating out in Singapore is that you can be more than hundred percent sure about its freshness & quality...Its always clean, fresh & safe!

Sightseeing options are again as vibrant and vivid as its food, culture and history. And again, every place has its distinctive cultural reflections. Like Chinatown offers you a pure taste of China in terms of the traditional Chinese paintings, globe art and the renowned Chinese brush strokes used to create your name or a beautiful message on traditional papers. Or the beautiful Chinese attires in silk or simply their peculiar food which is so inviting despite being so unconventional in its preparation and presentation.

The Arab street in Bugis is yet another such culturally rich place to visit. The numerous lanes surrounding this area bustle with little shops of food(Turkish, Malay, Iranian etc), artifacts and clothes that establish the affluent and extravagant images of the Arab and Malay cultures.

Apart from these there is Little India (for a glimpse of Indian food, shopping etc), Sentosa, Chinese Japanese Gardens, The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, the high end Orchard road buzzing with high end malls and the most symbolic and extravagant Marina Bay. The Singapore Flyer offers the most splendid view you'd ever get... just being at the flyer is so special, you'd want to spend all your days and evenings in and around the flyer!!!

Shopping is Singapore is a delight in every way. Whether you are a high end & a brand conscious shopper or one who loves going street treasure hunting, there is no dearth of options. With its ultra glamorous malls showcasing the best brands of the world you are sure to loosen out your purse strings. Apart from that shop for some local souvenirs or simply some fancy items from places like Bugis, Chinatown, Little India etc. If you thought that Singapore is yet another concrete jungle, think again. It has an impressive and astonishing green imprint with many Nature Reserves, Zoo, Bird Park & Butterfly Park. You will love the beautiful harmony that exists between the tropical green patches & the buzzing life in the city...

It's tropical climate is favorable round the year with no interruption (in sightseeing) from the rain spells or the humid hot days. All in all, you can be sure of a fully blocked itinerary and unlimited options to explore when in Singapore. There is certainly something for everyone over here! Need there be a reason more to visit this little scintillating red dot called Singapore?

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