Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Religious Rishikesh & Historic Haridwar


This is a deviation form previous posts on some adventure or leisure trips to Chandigarh or Andamans. However, during our trips to Haridwar & Rishikesh, we did start feeling the hidden adventure.

Its a 4 hours drive from Delhi. With an in-between short stop over at Roorkee, you can really enjoy a glass of lip smackingly good Lassi! Once we reached Haridwar, it was hotels galore that dot the town in every nook and corner. We chose to stay in the town, nearer to the Ganges. An evening Aarti (Prayer) & lots of mandir darshan is what will keep one occupied through the evening here. The Aarti is specially a one to witness with the entire crowd hoarding small diyas (oil lit lamps) & chanting the melodious prayer. Not to forget in the least, the gushing waters of river Ganga gives our hearts an eternal peace and a sacred serenity.

Once done, we visited a restaurant amidst the hustle bustle and settled down for some relishing food. Well, its a small walk from here to our hotel. Way back we also sip in some hot tea!
Early morning its time to head for a temple atop a mountain - Mansa Devi. A thrilling trolley ride makes this one a memorable trip. Once done with our prayers, we head down, to be back to the hotel.

Our next destination being Rishikesh. A breathtaking view of river Ganga gushing through the sloped place in all its splendour. River rafting is usually carried out here, but we couldn't venture into it. After our visit to several small temples, we had a great sense of history of this place and how the temples came into being.

Thronged by foreigners, the place has quite a few small shops shelling out many precious gems stones, books, clothes, antiques etc. A Govt owned shop is a trusted one for gems and precious stones shopping.

The Laxman Jhula is what I eagerly awaited. If the weather is cold, windy and wild, its a complete thrill to be crossing the Laxman Jhula, for under such a situation you keep worrying about the bridge swinging constantly and river Ganga flowing in its full throttle!!! : )

Well....then we had a small knee length dip into the icy waters, to feel the sacredness of Ganges (and of course to wash off our sins!!!) : )

Ideal way to gain some spiritual peace and a divine connect with God and his glory!

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