Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Amazing Andaman & Nicobar Islands


Once upon a time in November of 2007, there was a Prince and his wife who travelled across the sea to reach a beautiful Island called Andaman & Nicobar Islands.... The rest is not history but a splendid Geography!

Our Tale: Well, it is an eternally beautiful, peaceful and enchanting place, almost a dreamland (actually a dream island!). If you have seen Goa, Chennai beaches & may be some more Indian beaches across East or West Coastline of India, you haven't yet sen anything! Andaman & Nicobar is turquoise (ly), navy-blue (ly) & greenly coloured by way of its flora fauna(in this case the sea life!)....

We had been here for our honeymoon...a delayed one...but it seems for good reasons! The breathtaking backdrops served the perfect view for our mushy hearts... : ) Adventure voyages (albeit short - 4hrs max), Warm people, crystal clear waters & some good food...built up to a great honeymooning : )

Snorkeling will definitely bind you to this place forever, for the unimaginable and unseen sea life accessed through this activity is something you will never forget.... Fishes, sea Anemones, Coral Reefs, Sea Cucumbers, Clams.....the list is endless and colours are something you just can't imagine.

And of course another incident that will always scare me through my life is when I started swimming all by my self (post snorkeling) ... and left the life saver tube behind with my hubby and the guide..... although I was nearing the shore...but somehow i started getting scared seeing nothing below and started drowning....Had it not been my guide (Mr. S Kumar)... I don't know what would have happened....He saved my life! :) .... And there onwards, I dread doing such antics myself! : )

But yes, barring this one experience....It was a trip to Heaven and back.... Literally!
And so after a mushy and romantic trip tale... just wanted to give some other details...
Go on...plan this place for sure....

About it: A&N islands are a group of around 360 smaller islands, in the Bay of Bengal
Getting there: Flights / Ship from Kolkata and Chennai
Climate: Tropical 

Staying: We stayed at the Eco Palm Grove Resort (But that proved bit far and travel inconvenient from main city of Port Blair). Better option is to take up hotels around Aberdeen Bazar, optimum one being the Light House Residency

Food: Veg food easily available, Heaven for Sea-food foodies, Anything that you desire to eat is available (Yes getting a hot cup of tea made from fresh milk is quite a problem, so either opt for regular skimmed milk or go without it : ( ...... )

Stock up on: Sun Blocks, Shorts, Slippers, Goggles, Small handy bag, Cap & Lots of Enthusiasm (Surely you'd hoard it seeing the place!)

Must see Places: Corbyn's Cove Beach, Havelock Island (has the world's 7th best beach Radhanagar beach & Elephant beach for snorkelling), North Bay, Ross Island, Viper Islands, Wandoor Beach. Also see the sound and light show of Cellular Jail, the fisheries museum: Samudrika, the Chatam Saw mill.

High Point:Very warm & honest people, Clean and unspoilt Turquoise beaches, small wonder island : )

The guide we had for snorkeling at North Bay was excellent! Provided us with every small detail of the place and the activity! Don't miss on this.

Need more reasons? .......................... Then just go there!

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Hi, very informative indeed........

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Please contact me if you might be interested in taking an online class based on Women Writing for (a) Change. You contacted Sarah through Linked In and she told me about you: Phebe @ phebekaren@yahoo.com


murli said...

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